What the cluck is Punk Ass Poultry?

Punk Ass Poultry is a long-time passion project by award-winning Leeds photographer, Angus McDonald, which took flight in November 2020.

With his acutely artistic eye, Angus became fascinated with fancy fowl, travelling up and down the country over 2019 to photograph jubilant cocks and hens for a unique pop art project, full of individuality.

He was due to exhibit at a Leeds venue in spring 2020, but Covid19 struck. So Angus decided to make the streets of Leeds his own art gallery walls, taking the colourful exhibition outside with a month-long takeover of five giant city billboards and over 100 poster drum sites. He gave the self-funded project a why by teaming up with Leeds Asylum Seekers’ Support Network (LASSN) to offer all profits from the sales of the 17 different poultry prints to charity.

Content Soup was appointed to raise awareness of the exhibition and make Punk Ass Poultry a PR success.


– Media relations

– Local influencer campaign


– Set up online shop to sell the prints

– Expertly created the media story, highlighting the creative detail of the works and Angus as adapting to Covid restrictions in an inventive way. Matched project themes of inclusivity, culture and non-prejudice to the link up with LASSN, and included a clear call to action to buy the limited edition prints and donate to LASSN via embedded links

– Gave media an easy access online gallery of high res photographs to run with, along with specially commissioned press photography of the billboards going up with Angus and LASSN in the photos

– Segmented target media into print, online and broadcast media in Leeds and Yorkshire to drive local awareness and sales, and creative industry media to highlight Punk Ass Poultry as an inspirational piece of photography. Tailored the press release for each media and manage all media interviews, closely briefing Angus and spokespeople from LASSN

– Rallied the support of local influencers by delivering prints to them personally – from record shops and cafes, to culture bloggers and artists, resulting in rafts of 100% positive social media coverage.

Finished Dish

– Full page feature on page 3 of local newspaper Yorkshire Evening Post

– One-minute video interview on Yorkshire Evening Post website and socials

– Article in main regional newspaper, Yorkshire Post

– 7-minute interview on BBC Radio Leeds drivetime show

– Paraded the birds across the internet, with web and social coverage across key titles including Leeds Inspired, Leeds List, Topic UK, university arts blogs and more, directing people to the city street art exhibition and online print shop to support LASSN

– Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn mentions from over 50 people, including micro and macro influencers with like-minded arts audiences

– Over £2,000 raised for LASSN to date and an ongoing partnership to do more creative projects together.

“Content Soup did an absolutely amazing job. Really appreciated their expertise and help having never done any PR before. Always fun too.”