The Creative

The flavours of Content Soup are female founders Nina and Jasmine; friends first, business partners second. We offer different strengths, skillsets and personalities, but we have the same core values.

We’re experts at what we do, and we’re open-minded and fun to work with. We don’t hate Mondays, because we write our own scripts. We have a pool of talent working remotely that we bring in for different projects – and our clients don’t care if we’re not all in one place all of the time, as long as we’re available to them.

We love what we do and we love working with like-minded, passionate people who want to do great things. It’s that simple.

Nina loves...

A pattern clash. Peace. Parties. A montage. Sundowners. Car boots. Espresso martinis. Seville. Berlin. Wild swimming. Running in the rain. Podcasts. Cooking. Fridays. Mondays. Children’s books. Lenny’s hair. Feeling free. Being cosy. Pen pals. Order. Rearranging shelves. Socks. The moon. Crystals. Trees. Trusting my instincts. People who do good. Being right. A breakfast buffet. Rightmove.

Jasmine loves...

Reading until my eyes close. Being by the sea. Posh pyjamas. Food. Waking up from a full night’s sleep (rare). Candles. Sunshine. Discovering new cleaning products.  Eastenders. Milo’s chat. Brainstorms. The Sunday Times Magazine. Freshly brewed coffee. Beauty products. Body lotion. Choosing artwork. Ibiza. Glastonbury. Filey. Asia. Family time. Girls’ trips. Camping. Hotels. Peonies. Gardening. Wilkos. Baking. Music. Gigs. My log burner. White wine. Whiskey Sours.