Stirring Communications newsletter #001

Welcome to our first newsletter...the Soup is served!

We've called it Stirring Communications because that's our strapline and we need to use it more 😂 This newsletter will be a monthly menu of PR news, things we've been stirring and just stuff we like. Hopefully it's interesting to you if you're vaguely interested in us and PR more generally. Thank you for being here.

News and trends in the world of PR this month

3 things you may have missed recently...

👉There's a brand new platform in PR land where PRs can pitch articles to journalists in one place. Tech start-up Synapse has officially launched as a 'stories marketplace' this month, aimed at 'removing the industry-wide friction between journalists and PRs to make the pitching of stories and the sharing of content smooth, painless and efficient.' Can't say we've ever experienced said friction, but we've signed up and pitched a story this week with success, and we'll keep you updated as things progress.

👉World Mental Health Day brought PR into the spotlight once more, as people got increasingly frustrated at brands seemingly jumping on the bandwagon and using the day for their own PR opportunities. Like we always say, if you can't say anything truly authentically, or have a clear why for saying it, don't say anything at all.

👉Twitter (I mean X) has confirmed a new video and audio calling feature via DMs, which will no doubt have journalists dreading calls from over-keen PRs trying to follow up on their stories. Don't worry, we know when to leave it!

Content Soup new business wins
We’re now working with SLP College, Crockett & Co Solicitors and Escapism Bar Group to raise their profile with relevant audiences and take their PR to the next level. Read more about that here.

PR career tips
Check out Nina's interview on Prolific North last week, where she talks about good manners, building a network and always staying one step ahead of the chef.

Things we're watching, reading, listening to, enjoying
We've both read Yellowface this month - a sophisticated take on the toxicity of social media, plagiarism, PC pomposity and publishing. 6.5/10.

Just discovered the new Noise in Brief podcast from PR Week - latest episode is all about closing the pay gap in PR and PR experts' takes on what Christmas campaigns will look like this year. Listen here.

Plus Jasmine's been all consumed by Ted Lasso on TV, while Nina has been switching between MAFS, the Beckhams and Love is Blind! Don't judge.

See you next month 👋