How to market your property business in a cooling market

If you own or work for an estate agent or property developer, the past few years will have been an absolute ride. When the property market reopened for business after lockdown, masses of people decided they needed more space and moved to get it. The result was a property boom like never seen before.

But, and there’s always a but, times are changing, and the cost-of-living crisis and eyewatering interest rate rises are causing the market to slow to more normal levels.

This means competition for customers is fiercer than ever, and property businesses need to make themselves stand out from the crowd to make sure customers choose them.

Here are our top five tips on how to market your property business in a cooling market (and we know these things work, because we work with some of the best property companies out there).


1. Ensure your brand is always front of mind

When the market isn’t flying, marketing your business effectively is more important than ever to ensure potential customers know about you. Make sure your website looks great and works well, opt for premium listings on property portals and make sure you’re regularly featured in the media. If you’re quoted in news articles about the property market, and your properties are featured too, you’ll increase awareness of your business and attract more customers.


2. Be a good operator

Operating in a fair and ethical way will always stand you apart from the crowd, and if you treat your customers and employees well, they’ll speak highly of you to other people. Word-of-mouth and a great reputation are key when it comes to attracting new customers, so make sure you do things right.


3. Support the communities you operate in

You’re part of the community you operate in, so support good causes, get involved with local events and provide schools and local sports club with equipment and kit. Not only does it show that you value the people and organisations in the area you operate in, but it also helps to raise awareness of your brand and will position you positively amongst the local community, ensuring you’re always front of mind.


4. Keep in touch with customers (past, current and potential)

Always keep communication with your past, current and potential customers open.  Send them regular emails with key news and updates, get in touch with them if you have a property for sale that you think they’ll love and keep your blog and social media up to date with interesting news and brilliant properties.


5. Write killer property descriptions and use amazing photography

Last, but certainly not least, always remember the importance of photography and property descriptions when you market a home. You really need to take the time to stand out from your competitors on this one.

A picture tells a thousand words and people looking for a new home will always be drawn to listings with amazing, well-lit photography that showcases a property's key features. Well written property descriptions also sell homes – remember, when you’re selling a house, you’re effectively selling a dream, so write with that in mind and include the property’s key selling points and details about what’s on offer in the local area too.


If you own a property business and need some help standing out from the competition, get in touch.