Social Media

Content picks of the week

This week our great content award goes to Tesco for its ‘Find the Egg’ campaign.

Users visit and enter a postcode they’d like to search, which takes them to a Google Street View page where virtual eggs are hidden. Find three eggs and you win a chocolate-related prize, redeemable by printing off a coupon and taking it into Tesco.

But, the best bit is that to find the eggs you have to activate the Eggdar - an egg radar which directs you to the hidden eggs – and that can only be done by liking the page on Facebook. You can then also hide eggs in other places and invite your friends to search for them.

It’s a content-centered piece that’s designed to go viral, drive people in-store and increase social media likes and it’s done just that. A genius digital twist on the classic Easter Egg hunt. Well done Tesco.