11 things you might not know about Nina

⭐If I didn’t work in PR, I would be an author, horse whisperer, divorce lawyer, waitress on C4 First Dates, or editor of a gossip magazine.

👃I was once caught having a deep sniff of Jean Christophe-Novelli’s chef whites at a press event I’d organised with him.

📺My love of TV started young. I was on Mallet’s Mallet and Art Attack.

📚When I was a kid I loved reading, writing and magazines. I spent most of my childhood either riding horses or writing stories, with my twin sister on illustrations. We’d staple the pages together and sell them to passers-by.

🚉I wrote a poem about a train ride when I was 9, which was published in a book. I still love train rides.

✍I used to write in such a weird style at primary school, my head teacher sent my work off to a group of university students to analyse.

🌿I like trees, the end of a run (preferably downhill), the sea, open people, the moon, a posh food hall, focusing on small victories, a washing line.

😟I don’t like faffing, fuss, rudeness, ageing, mess, talking to camera, comfort zones or booze anxiety.

🎧The last podcast I listened to was a Breaking Social episode about the importance of personal brand. The last book I read was The 5am Club.

👊My big goal this year is to be more accountable.

❤I love helping people, businesses and brands find their authentic voice and making sure they are culturally relevant. PR helps things make more sense to more people – it’s a big responsibility.

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