Mixing business with babies

You might have wondered why it’s been a bit quiet on the CS blog recently. Well, it’s because we’ve both been a bit (read REALLY) busy having babies. We’ve always liked to do things together and having babies was no different – our new, and first borns, are just five weeks apart in age. Not the best timing on our part when it came to the business (or so we initially thought), but hey, shit sometimes happens and after the initial panic subsided, we made a plan. That plan worked, and you know what? Becoming Mums has made us even better at PR and running a business. Here’s why:


We’re geniuses at multitasking 

We’ve always been good at multitasking, managing multiple clients and campaigns, whilst looking after the business and staffing side of things and still finding plenty of time to drink wine and have fun. But, my god, having a baby and then going back to work when they’re just three months old makes you the world’s best multitasker. Now we have to do all of the aforementioned whilst looking after two tiny humans, and it’s made us more efficient than ever. We can spin a million plates at once and our focus levels have become almost super-human. So, if you want something done well and done quickly, just ask us. We’re definitely the best women for the job.


We’ve got a whole new perspective on marketing

When you have to keep a tiny human alive and happy, you literally become a marketer’s dream. You will buy anything that you think will a) keep your child safe, b) help him develop c) keep him entertained (or quiet) and d) make him sleep. This involves talking to other Mums, reading every baby magazine and book under the sun and spending hours researching the confusingly huge array of products on the market. So, when it comes to marketing products for babies and kids, we know exactly where you need to be and exactly what you need to do to get the right people talking about them. We have become baby brand gurus.


We’re more patient and persistent

You need to be patient and persistent when you’re bringing up a little human, and the same qualities are invaluable when it comes to PR. If we need to ring (stalk) a journalist 55 times before they’ll agree to cover a story, well, we’ll do just that and we’ll remain patient throughout the whole process. No one, or any opportunities, are getting away from us.


We’re always on time and we will NEVER miss a deadline

Having a baby means your life has to run to military precision to make sure everything runs smoothly, and that means we’re always on time and never, ever miss a deadline. God forbid, our carefully timetabled lives would be thrown into chaos if we did and we would NEVER, EVER let that happen. You’re in safe hands with us, we promise!


So, there you have it. We’ve become even better at what we do and we’ve got our lovely babies (Milo and Lenny, in case you’re wondering) to thank for it. The only thing you might notice the next time we meet is a couple of sick or dribble stains on our clothing, but hey, we can’t be completely perfect all of the time!