Spinning a web of links

Tiger Sheds is an online shed retailer that relies on a strong Google search ranking and web presence to maintain sales. Content Soup was appointed to deliver a creative, PR-led SEO campaign that would generate high quality organic links on major news sites, raise awareness of the brand and create social noise.

  • Digital-first PR campaign
  • SEO
  • National media relations, including broadcast
  • Social strategy
  • Create a unique news angle around sheds (a pretty hard task) to capture the attention of journalists and generate high quality links. Cue the world’s first spider-proof shed
  • Work with some of the UK’s highest profile spider and bug experts to create a prototype of the shed, complete with anti-spider features such as silicone sealed joints, an airtight door with special draft seal and insecticide impregnated wood designed to keep eight-legged creatures out.
  • Create CGIs for the multimedia press release containing embedded links
  • Add further weight to the story by revealing that a quarter of Brits (25%) actively avoid their sheds due to arachnophobia
  • Issue the story to media in mid-September, prime spider season when the media tend to report on the mass migration of eight-legged creatures from outside to inside
  • Full social strategy to ensure traction on Twitter and Facebook, including targeting celebrities who suffer from arachnophobia.
Finished Dish
  • Record exposure for Tiger Sheds – over 60 pieces of high-quality coverage, 14 of which were national
  • 33 authoritative links on the likes of The Telegraph, The Guardian, The Sun and the BBC (the absolute Holy Grail when it comes to SEO)
  • Mentions from Chris Evans, Jo Whiley, Loose Women and The Wright Stuff show
  • Global interest and conversations on social media – over 10,000 mentions of the shed on Twitter alone
  • Web traffic and new visitor numbers to Tiger’s site were also up 30% on the same period from the previous year

Outstanding results