Sewing PR success

Content Soup was appointed to launch Owen Scott bespoke tailors in Leeds, and increase national brand awareness to help them accelerate plans to open new shops across the UK.

We won a GOLD CIPR award for this campaign.


– National PR campaign to tie in with the Tour De France

– Launch event at Leeds store and local media and influencer relations.


– Capitalising on the hype around the Tour de France coming to Leeds, we asked Owen Scott to create the world’s first bespoke cycling suit for businessmen, taking them from bike to boardroom with no change required

– Commissioned press photography of a male cyclist in the suit, and issued with a press release all about the suit features, its design and the reason Owen Scott had made it, to a mix of fashion, lifestyle, business and news journalists

– Held a launch event at the new Leeds store to bring together key regional, lifestyle and fashion media (who wrote rave reviews in their magazines and blogs afterwards), along with target customers.

Finished Dish

– 105 pieces of high quality coverage – The BBC, Times, Telegraph, Daily Express, Daily Mail, GQ and specialist business, cycling and fashion websites all ran with the story with links back to the Owen Scott website

– Visitors to the Owen Scott website increased ten-fold, 45 initial appointments at the Leeds and Huddersfield shops were booked in the two days that followed the coverage

– Eight bespoke cycling suits were ordered during that week only, totalling £3,960

– The PR campaign won ‘Best Low Budget PR campaign’ in the CIPR Pride Awards 2017.

“We’ve never had so much interest and it has put our brand out there further than we could ever have imagined.”