Our Ingredients

The recipe is always bespoke to you and your requirements, but we keep our services and pricing simple. A sprinkle of brand strategy, a splash of PR, a spoonful of social or a cup full of content, we identify what you need, the value it will bring your business, and the level of resource to manage it properly, then we come up with a budget that leaves us motivated and you comfortable.


The Soup’s bread and butter. News generating ideas, product placement, interesting feature angles, exec profiling, reactive news hijacking and influencer management. We come up with PR programmes that make people want to talk about you.

Social Media

We’re good conversationalists, offline and online. From full social set-up and strategy, to content creation, publishing, community or campaign management; we do whatever works for you. We also offer targeted Facebook and Linkedin advertising.

Written Content

We won creative writing competitions at primary school and had poems published at the age of 11. We wrote story books from day dot and genuinely believe we’ll have a best seller one day.

We write creative copy for websites and blogs, punchy scripts for podcasts, applause-worthy speeches, captivating captions for social media, powerful product descriptions and email content that your customers will love.

Crisis Comms

An experienced, unflappable team who know exactly how to handle negativity towards your brand when you’re in the thick of it, and how to ensure your business learns and recovers from a crisis.

PR Management and Coaching

If you’re lacking senior PR resource in-house and need someone to step in to amplify your PR strategy and mentor your team, we offer a flexible service where you can bring us in as your virtual PR manager for a period of time.

We also offer 121 coaching, providing PR advice for your business. We discuss your PR strategy, tactics, crisis or issues and brainstorm ideas for you to take forward, either with us or independently.

Digital PR

With more people online than ever before, generating links and online mentions is key for brands who want to improve their visibility, credibility and sales.

We deliver creative digital PR campaigns that achieve high-quality links on the most relevant and authoritative digital platforms for your brand. How? We make journalists want to talk about and link to your content, because it’s genuinely valuable, different, new or just plain fun!

Our creative PR brains, technical SEO back-up and ability to keep things simple are a match made in digital PR heaven. If you want to stand out online, get in touch.