Why everyone’s talking about digital PR

With our internet usage soaring to record levels as a result of the pandemic, it's never been more important for brands to improve their visibility, credibility and sales through clever digital PR.

Digital PR means getting brand mentions and authoritative links on websites that Google ranks as popular. Securing your place on those sites can really elevate your own business's page ranking, as well as making sure that when people search for you online, lots of genuinely great content comes up about you and the products and services you offer.

But gone are the days of buying links and geeky SEO. Now it’s all about generating quality organic links on high-ranking sites through creative digital PR and content.

Digital PR is essential to a successful online presence, and we’re experts at it. We know exactly what journalists and influencers want to write about and link to. Just look at this award-winning digital PR campaign we created for Tiger Sheds .

We keep it simple with a four-step digital PR recipe:

- We build relationships with key journalists and influencers in your market
- We create stories and campaigns that they want to talk about, publish and link to (if a journalist can cover the story without linking, we rethink). This could be through:
o newsjacking
o product PR
o research and reports
o creative assets
- This allows us to achieve brand coverage and generate high-quality links on the most relevant and authoritative digital platforms for your brand, driving readers back to your website through the coverage.

The organic links we generate get clicked on because they sit within content that is genuinely valuable, different, new or just plain fun!

If you’re not getting links, keep getting the same or low-quality links, or you just want to trounce your competition when it comes to online visibility, Content Soup can help. Our creative PR brains, technical SEO team and ability to keep things simple are a match made in digital PR heaven.