This week we’re loving

Another week, another load of things that made us smile and swoon. Here’s the five that made the shortlist:

1. March

It’s spring! The nights are getting lighter, the daffodils are brightening up our office desks and we've put our washing on the line for the first time this year. #smallthings

2. Leeds, Leeds, Leeds

A great vibe in our city at the moment, don’t you think?  Just this week we popped in to see the colourful Saturday Girl exhibition at Munro House, had a client meeting (and cherry beer) at the cool Crowd of Favours, saw The Abstract Orchestra at The Wardrobe, reviewed the poet Kate Tempest at the Playhouse and stuffed our faces at a street food festival. Long live this cultural Leeds.

3. Oh to swap Lidl for the Chanel supermarket

Karl Lagerfeld scored a fierce fashion PR coup in Paris this week, turning the catwalk into a supermarket aisle to showcase his new Autumn Winter collection.

The PR pros from Asda were quick on their feet as ever, staging their own answer to the trolley-centric show with model look-a-likes of Cara Delevingne, Joan Smalls and Kendall Jenner modelling George clothes in a London branch the next day. Can’t beat a good PR piggyback.

4.  #TwitterFiction

We can’t get enough of books in this office, but being busy bees this last month setting up our fab new agency, we’ve not had time to read as much as we usually do. So our ears pricked when we heard about the Twitter Fiction Festival, where over 50 finalists (and celebrated authors) will tweet their stories via the social medium. Nice idea.

Follow the UK’s contingent to see their stories: @tommycm, @Katy_Kahn, @TeamAvery and @Lynn_Shepherd. It’s taking place between 12 and 16 March.

5. The Mirror’s bizarre content

Has anyone noticed The Mirror’s going down a new route with its online content? It’s starting to rival the Metro for bizarre headlines and is fast becoming a daily obsession to see who can be the weirdest. This one won this week.