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Top advice from a Super Blogger

We probably don’t need to tell you who Ella Woodward is, but we will for the purpose of an intro to this post.

Author of the runaway success blog Deliciously Ella, the 23 year old (23!!!) now racks up over 2.5 million hits a month, has a social media fan base of 242,000 followers on Instagram, 63,000 on Facebook and 25,000 on Twitter, is owner of the number one food and drink recipe app in both Britain and the US and has a sell-out new recipe book out. It’s fair to say she’s of Super Blogger breed.

So when she offers advice on blogging, we listen up. Couldn’t have said it better ourselves, Els.

1. It’s all about the photos. ‘The key to photographing food well is natural light. I’ve met people who tell me they love my blog even though they have never cooked anything from it.’

2. Be consistent. ‘Always post new content on the same day, and you’ll find people checking in every week to see what you’ve added.’

3. Be authentic. ‘It doesn’t matter what your passion is, stick with one thing that you really love rather than trying to blog about something you think is popular. Genuine passion and enthusiasm always shine through.’

4. Write like you talk. ‘People say I use a million exclamation marks in my blog, and everything is always “the best” or “amazing”, but that’s the way I speak. When people meet me, I sound like I write, so they feel I’m a real person.’

5. Respond to emails. ‘It’s not always easy, but take the time to reply and you will build a loyal following.’