This week we’re loving…

We haven’t done a ‘what we love’ style post for a while, so it’s been hard narrowing down our choices. We’ve managed it though, and here’s what we’re loving this week!


1.Leeds Indie Food Festival

The first Leeds Indie Food Festival starts next week and we’re very excited about it. Celebrating independent food, drink and culture, the festival’s packed full of brilliantly imaginative events, and for foodies like us it’s a dream come true. We’re particularly looking forward to the Great Edible Art Show on the 14th. Yum.


2.Lovehoney’s latest survey

Lovehoney released the results of its most recent survey this week and announced that men and women want sex at completely different times of the day (apparently men like it better in the morning, with females prefering an evening romp). Much national coverage ensued, proving that the good old PR survey (when done well) definitely isn't dead. Bravo Lovehoney.


3.General Election fever

We’ve been following the General Election closely and can’t wait to finally find out the outcome next week. From Tory gaffes (that letter signed by 5,000 small businesses… ahem), to Ed’s trip off the stage at Leeds Town Hall and Nigel Farage’s strange facial expressions in the debates, watching it all play out has had us hooked.


4.The ‘chewing gum man’

Last week an artist called Ben Wilson took to the streets of Leeds to create mini paintings on chewing gum stuck to the pavements. Ben started to paint on chewing gum in 1998 and has so far created more than 10,000 miniature works on pavements all over the UK. We think he’s a true genius and loved the mini paintings he did – turning something ugly into something beautiful is always a winner with us.


5.Bank holiday season

Who doesn’t love a three-day weekend? We certainly do and we’ll be spending this one attending BBQs and watching the Tour de Yorkshire roll into Roundhay Park on Sunday.