What Content Soup loves this week

It’s Friday. We’re in a good mood. Here are five reasons why.


1. KLM’s live high five campaign

KLM’s international live high five campaign was interactive, fun and just pure genius really!

The airline launched the stunt as part of its World Deal Weeks and installed live video links and interactive installations on the streets of New York and Amsterdam.

The video and audio installations in both counties let passers-by see and hear each other through the live video feed, and the airline challenged New Yorkers and those from Amsterdam to create the perfect high fives with each other through the screens.

The high fives were then judged by the computer for precision and timing. If the high five was judged as perfect then the people on each end of the screen doing the high fiving won flights to either New York or Amsterdam.

Sounds easy, but doing the perfect high five through a screen isn’t as easy as it seems! Check out the video here.


2. MEATliquor opening in Leeds

We love a good burger, so news of MEATliquor opening in the city has got us very excited indeed. Famed for amazing burgers and even better cocktails, their motto is ‘come hungry, leave drunk’. Amazing. Now bring us the meat and booze.


3. The Indian Summer

After what can only be described as a rubbish August, it’s great that the sun has decided to make an appearance again. Rumour has it that it’s set to last until November too, so dig out your flip flops and head to your nearest beer garden to celebrate.


4. Twitter’s new buy button

Twitter is set to bring e-commerce directly onto its platform with the release of a buy button.The buy button is currently being trialled and initial reports say it has been working well.Once launched, the buy button will enable consumers to make purchases via Twitter with just a few taps. We always get lots of good tips and advice about products via Twitter, so to get a recommendation about a product and then to be able to buy it directly from the platform will make the whole purchasing process much easier.We wonder which brands will adopt it first?5. LAB Leeds

We’re biased because we look after the PR for LAB Leeds, but the cocktails on offer at this bar are really, really good. As are the burgers and kebabs. But, what’s even better is that it’s bang opposite the Leeds Arena, making it the perfect place to head for pre and post gig drinks.