Social Media

Social storytelling for St. George’s Crypt

St George’s Crypt is a long-established Leeds-based homeless charity, providing accommodation, training and mentoring to transform homeless people’s lives.

Content Soup was brought in to give the charity’s social media an overhaul; it was lacking cohesion and needed a kick start.

After a strategic piece of work where we delved deep into the content the Crypt was posting across each social channel, the audiences it was posting to, and the way they were engaging with it, we carefully curated a winning strategy and campaign idea that we were then appointed to deliver.

Spending time at the Crypt and with the homeless people they help, we were overwhelmed and inspired by their stories, and also those of the many volunteers and staff at the charity who give so much to the cause. Our strategy was simple: put these stories at the heart of the social media content, to make an emotional connection with the audience.

We paired up with our hero social storytellers, Humans of Leeds, who have thousands of fans on Facebook and beyond. They agreed to focus on five stories from the Crypt and document them over a week-long period, interviewing people and photographing them.

The project fought against stereotypes and gave very real messages around what it’s like to be homeless and what causes it. The response to the photoseries, which were shared hundreds of times, has ranged from the inspired, to the thankful, with floods of people commenting on the pictures.

It did so well we even caught the attention of the national media – this is what the Huffington Post wrote about it.

We’ve grown social communities ten-fold for the Crypt, by setting a new footprint for online written and visual content that existing and new target audiences respond to, and that everyone within the charity has got behind. We’re really proud of the results.

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