Our story

Hello and welcome to our blog! We’re Jasmine and Nina and together we’re Content Soup, an ambitious new communications agency with a different approach. We like to mix things up and create content blends that ignite positive reactions.

We met as two fresh faced account executives working for one of Leeds’ biggest PR agencies and before long we developed a friendship based on a shared love of after work drinks, karaoke and Dare Café lunches.

After 18 months honing my PR and digital skills there, I left to work for another agency whilst Nina stayed on and worked her way up to account director. We stayed friends and in 2010 we headed off to a very sunny Glastonbury. On a hazy afternoon sitting in front of the Pyramid stage and putting the world to rights, we decided that one day we’d set up our own PR agency, combining our names and calling it Jazz Hands.

Back in the real world, we both went on to continue in our careers alone – Nina heading off to work for a start up agency and me heading in-house to see how the other side worked. But, no matter how hard we tried to ignore it, the Jazz Hands dream remained, and last year we finally decided to take the plunge, quit our jobs and set up together.

And so here we are, a brand new shiny agency! The Jazz Hands name may have been canned (our research showed that no one really liked it, except our friends), but we think Content Soup is much better anyway. It reflects the changing nature of the PR industry and demonstrates our multi-content approach, spanning PR, copy, experiential and SEO.

Keep up with what us Soupers are up to by checking back here, following us on Twitter or liking our Facebook page. We always love to hear from potential clients, so get in touch if you’d like to have a chat about how we can help you.