Life in lockdown

This is our take on life in lockdown, along with some friends of Content Soup who’ve shared with us how they’re getting through it.

Working from home with kids, the daily practices keeping us sane, and the things we won’t ever take for granted again are all covered. Enjoy!

Nina Green, one half of Content Soup

My silver lining in all of this is… spending time with my little boy. I’ve not spent this much time with him since he was tiny, and he's marvellous. Also being creative in new ways, connecting with people professionally that I don’t usually have time to chat with, and using my time to be of benefit to others in need.

Post-lockdown I’m most looking forward to… sitting outside a sunny restaurant with friends and not having the awkwardness of not hugging them hello and goodbye.

I won’t be going back to… endless lists. I make daily lists in my phone notes AND a notepad at the moment, but it makes me anxious if I’ve not ‘achieved’. Also saying yes to things I want to say no to.

My corona cliché is… running. I’ve got up to 10k which, if anyone knows me, is a huge achievement. It can totally transform my day. Cooking has also become a real source of calm during lockdown, and Tik Tok dance routines make everything ok.

Jasmine Headley-Craik, the other half of Content Soup

My work from home uniform is… jeans, a t-shirt and cashmere socks or flip flops, depending on the weather.

The three items I can’t do without in lockdown are… my new coffee machine, my phone, and my garden.

I can’t wait until this is over so I can… spend time with family and friends in our family caravan in Filey and get my roots done!

This time has taught me that I need to… stop doubting myself, driving everywhere (I’ll be running and walking instead) and worrying about pointless things.

Hannah Limming, co-founder of Pop Up & Play and The Little Bookshop

The thing I won’t ever take for granted again is… contact! A hug, a rushed high five from kids’ school friends. I’m really missing contact with other people.

The things keeping me sane are… limiting my news intake, seeing positives, focusing on the small, cooking and nature. I’ve always fancied home schooling but never felt I could make the leap, so this time has been invaluable.

3 items I can’t live without during lockdown… bath oil, chocolate and my gua sha.

After lockdown, I won’t be going back to… such a full schedule. It’s so tempting to fill your life with things you ‘have’ to get done, places you ‘have’ to be - but like many, I’ve seen the real benefit in going slow.

My dream first day out of iso is… heading off in the car to visit friends and family, then to the south coast for some sunshine and perhaps through the Eurostar for a glass of wine and a croissant. That might be some way off though!

Angus McDonald, photographer

The thing I’ve missed the most during lockdown is… letting loose on a dancefloor with the gang. And childcare.

Working from home is… a wobbly track with a two and four-year-old. It’s full of learnings, successes and failure. Keeping a balance is the challenge, but god loves a trier.

I’m surviving with… music, photography, Disney Plus for the kids, and buying some great art through covid-19 charity schemes. I’ve put a lot more energy into a personal photography project I was due to exhibit before restrictions were enforced, and I’ve also got a bit soppy photographing flowers.

My three lockdown saviours are… records, camera and booze.

From lockdown I’ve learned… to enjoy a slower pace of life and to try and come out of all this with greater respect for each other and the environment. Wishful thinking?

Jo O’Boyle, head of marketing at Go Ape and owner of a farm shop

My biggest luxury after lockdown will be… leaving the house for more than a few hours.

Lockdown has made me… really miss ‘proper’ work. I try to stay sane by exercising and using that time to escape and think.

During lockdown, the three things getting me through are… gin, tonic, ice

The thing I’m most looking forward to when this is all over is…. The right thing to say is seeing family and friends…but a three-hour massage also very tempting! And a Go Ape zip wire, of course.

Lauren York, owner of UK Locations

I’m so over… my own cooking and company! I just want to go for drinks and food with my family and friends.

I’ve had to keep my working day similar… I get ready like I’m going to work, and whether I’m on childcare or working, I get going at 9am and finish at 5pm. I feel calmer and more productive with routine.

I’ve had wobbles… For the first two weeks I loved it, then realisation set in and I frantically rewrote our business plan with covid and recession in mind. We’re in a routine now – my husband and I do one day on childcare while the other one works and vice versa, so we have dedicated time on both.

I could not get through it without… black coffee, Meanwood woods, and Netflix.

After lockdown, I won’t be going back to… the office! I believe our work can be done remotely with weekly meet ups in person with the team.