Content Soup launches Soup Refill package

We see you. Your team is stretched, but you don’t want to recruit just yet as the market is so uncertain...or you might be in the process of hiring, but need someone to fill the short-term gap before you find the magic person.

Content Soup is offering a cost-effective, flexible ‘Soup Refill’ service, where our reliable PR and comms experts can take some of the load off you and your people when you need it most.

As a small, senior-only team with an outstanding track record, we’re able to infiltrate your business quickly and take briefs intuitively, working to an extremely high standard to fulfil your immediate tasks and help you make space and regain calm and control.

Whether it’s keeping PR campaigns going while you’re handling more pressing activity, stepping in to manage your social media accounts so you don’t have to worry about them, upgrading your website with more blogs and relevant content, or helping out with internal comms, we make life easier for you.

Think of us as your virtual comms team, friends with flexible benefits, ready to be drafted in (and out) at any opportunity. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and in need of an extra pair of hands with no long-term ties, get in touch to find out more about our Soup Refill service., 07971 598904.


Client testimonial: Laura Cavanagh of Luminate Education Group

"It was so reassuring knowing that we had the team at Content Soup supporting us in one of our busiest periods across the three FE colleges. When a fairly substantial crisis lands on your desk, it has to take priority. Having Nina and Jasmine working closely with us meant that other business-critical projects could continue.

"In those situations, it’s so important to have people you can rely on to give you that extra resource, as well as generating some fantastic results. Working with these guys is really like having an extension to our own team as and when you need it. Their ability to immerse themselves with our organisation and get a clear understanding of what we needed to do meant that our internal team was able to focus on other critical activities."