Beards, bank holidays, brawls…

We could just keep this blog post really concise and write:

A WHOLE FOUR DAY WEEKEND IN THE SUN DOING FUN STUFF, EATING LOADS OF CHOCOLATE AND HAVING GREAT SLEEPS! that’s mainly what’s on our minds right now. But we won’t, because there’s lots of other stuff we love this week - such as:

1. W1A

We’re lamenting the end of our favourite TV programme this week. It’s not often we have time to watch TV these days, so thank god for the BBC’s W1A, sister sitcom to Twenty Twelve. If you’re in PR and didn’t see it, you missed out - Jessica Hynes as owner of PR agency ‘Perfect Curve’ stole the show for us. It’s got loads of people in the industry’s backs up because she’s an exaggerated caricature of a stereotypical PR dahling, and supposedly gave us all a bad name - but Jessica and the BBC must be smugly congratulating themselves on their brilliant self-mockery.

The personality extremes of the PR and media industry were highlighted in full comedy effect. Bravo, BBC, why did it have to end so soon?

2. Beards

Facial hair has been grabbing the headlines this week, as fashion-conscious men have been warned we may have reached 'peak beard'. According to a study, attractiveness of facial hair declines the more men adopt it and vice versa.

Hipsters across the country have come forward on radio and TV stations to defend their beards. News articles and features have been shared on social media. Women have joined in the debate. Celebrities have made their contribution.

PR props to the University of NSW who conducted the research and generated shed loads of media coverage off the back of it, and more importantly, talking points in pubs, offices and beardy bars across the country.

3. Yorkshire’s better than Lancashire

As tourism PR experts in the region, we’ve flown the flag for Yorkshire and its various cities and venues for years – so we had to highlight this ‘45 reasons why Yorkshire’s better than Lancashire’ feature from our guilty pleasure, Buzzfeed. Particularly agree with 4, 9 and 21.

4. A beautiful brawl

Some less positive PR for our county, but funny nonetheless - police were called to the Miss Scarborough beauty contest after a massive catfight broke out between contestants. Kicks, punches and handbags were thrown, with supporters accusing it of being a fix.

Pageant organiser Diane Yalezo told the media: “I had picked ‘One Moment in Time’ to be the winner’s song this year - but it was totally ruined.”

Only in Scarbs.

5. Cool content

Shameless self-promotion but we’ve been doing some content and SEO work for a local estate agent, working with a digital agency to create this visual guide designed to help renters make their property a home without getting on the landlord’s nerves. Wish we’d had this during university days, when we lost countless bonds because of painting over beer stains on walls!